OCT Again

I first hiked the OCT in 2019. 270 miles hiked in 18 days. Why do it again?

COVID and Thru-Hiking

Last spring thru-hikers across the country had to abort their plans as COVID struck. In this post, I explore my thoughts on the safety of a thru-hike in 2021.

Latest from the Blog

On Whose Lands?

As I walk the beaches, I will remember that the Oregon Coast Trail traverses lands taken from many native peoples. I’m going to try to learn a bit about their stories as I hike.

Watch your Step: Snowy Plovers Ahead

I was hoping to sight a Western Snowy Plover on my last hike, but all I saw were the warning signs. They line the Oregon Coast trail wherever there are sandy beaches with dunes behind (pretty much the whole trail).

Training Update: my “Baby Big Mile Day”

I like to read other thru-hikers’ blogs for inspiration for my Oregon Coast Trail hike. I found a post on training for long-mile days from Triple-Crown hiker Liz “Snorkel” Thomas. She suggests a test hike a few weeks out that she calls a “Baby Big Mile Day”.